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The Child is Him and He is the Child

The Requiem..., also known formally (in Latin) an the Missa pro defunctis or Missa defunctorum, ist a liturgical service of the Roman Catholic Church [and others]. The commom theme of requiems is prayer for the salvation of the soul(s) of the departed. "Requiem" is also the title of various musical compositions used in such liturgical services or an concert pieces...

Barbara M. ThiemannPeter and Irene Ludwig Foundation

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Gottfried Knapp

Alexander Timofeev is one of the most virtuosic envisioners in present painting. He uses photography not only to come to a amazing reality, but also to rehearse things off the beaten track, which cannot be transposed with paintings in such an extreme expression of a moment. First of all, Timofeev is a great narrator, a performer of psychic dramas, who is geared to and matches himself with the great tradition of the Russian art of narration, for example Dostojewski. For that, he needs the series, the sequence, which enables him to get a deep access to the soul of his protagonists. Thus, his realism is not only one of the epidermis, but one of the events, which go under your skin.

Gottfried Knapp
- Newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Feuilleton; Redakteur für Kunst und Architektur

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