Ikonen der Apokalypse

Language German

Texts Dr. Snejanka Bauer, Dr. Richard Zacharuk

Edition 1000 ex., Edition 2011


The secret room

Language English

Publisher Palace Editions, St.Petersburg, 2008

Texts Barbara M. Thiemann ,Liubov Shakirova

Artistic editor Joseph Kiblitsky

Edition 2500 ex., Edition 2008



Language(s) English, German & Russian

Editor/Text Alexander Timofeev

Publisher Alexander Timofeev

Edition 48 prints, A3 in size, Signed, Edition 2006

Description This book expresses a very different concept than the first. It is a collection of 48 individual prints, A3 in size, and a biography in three languages (English, Russian and German), cased within an aluminum box. This book contains the most important works from 1999 to 2006. Using the provided request form, one can receive eight to twelve additional pages/prints every year until 2014 in order to see the development of the artist. This innovative concept allows access to the artist for collectors and appreciators alike, who are not able to attend every show. Each copy is hand-signed by the artist.


Short Retrospective

Language German

Editor Michael Karminsky

Texts Dr. Helmut Orpel
Alexander Timofeev

Publisher Edition ArtProfil
Syntax.Medienproduktion & Verlags GmbH Mannheim

Edition 1000 ex., Edition 2004